Agricultural Economist

Employeur : Solutions for environment and development (CATIE)
Zone géographique : Turrialba, Costa Rica
Date de parution : 20 novembre 2018

Provide PRAGA and PIDEA with training courses in microeconomic analy Conduct financial and economic analyses of technologies and management practices for climate change adaptation and mitigation and agricultural practices, with priority in those applied to agricultural systems for basic grains, coffee agroforestry, cocoa and livestock.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Conduct financial and economic analyses of technologies and management practices for climate change adaptation and mitigation and agricultural practices, with priority in those applied to agricultural systems for basic grains, coffee agroforestry, cocoa and livestock.
  • Develop studies on the adoption of technologies to address increases in productivity, efficiency and production intensification and other measures to reduce vulnerability to climate change.
  • Conduct risk analyses, including financial risks, and propose actions to manage these risks, including the use of instruments such as loans, insurance (indexed insurance) and diversification strategies regarding risks.
  • Analyze global value chains for items such as coffee, cocoa, livestock, wood and fruits, among others.
  • Publish research in international peer-reviewed journals.
  • Teach courses and advise CATIE’s graduate students.
  • Formulate project proposals and support the acquisition of funding for the PRAGA and PIDEA programs
  • Advise and participate in PRAGA and PIDEA consultancies.
  • Coordinate and maintain good working relationships with members of the PRAGA and PIDEA technical team, other CATIE programs, the graduate school, external partners and donors.
  • Participate in the strategic and operational programming of PRAGA, IDEA and CATIE, prepare annual reports on their activities and results, attend to visitors and participate in meetings of PRAGA, IDEA and CATIE.
  • Support the leaders of PRAGA and IDEA in their responsibilities, particularly in terms of integration with the other CATIE programs and the CATIE National Offices in the countries.
  • Participate in the research of the Mesoamerican Scientific Platform for Perennial Crops (PCP) of CIRAD/CATIE-PRAGA and other PIDEA platforms.
  • Present research results at national, regional and international scientific forums and participate in meetings with donors and ministries, interacting with partners and in other national and international events, representing PRAGA, PIDEA and/or CATIE.
  • Offer or participate in PRAGA and PIDEA training courses.
  • Demonstrate an ability to work with different actors in the agricultural and livestock chain such as: Central Government, Autonomous Institutions, Private companies of public interest, Financial entities, Chambers of producers, Educational institutions (public or private), etc.
  • Develop relevant research, generating, adapting and innovating methodologies and tools for scientific research applied to agriculture, livestock production and economic sciences.
  • Design, propose and evaluate policies considering the impacts of agricultural and livestock activities on the environment and the population.
  • Design and promote methodologies for the analysis of financial and non-financial instruments related to coffee, cocoa, livestock and wood.
  • Analyze the relationships between economy, environment and sustainable development of the agricultural, livestock and agroforestry sector.

Professional experience

  • The professional must demonstrate:
  • Minimum experience of five (5) years of work in rural areas of Latin American countries
  • Experience in scientific research and teaching, with a list of scientific and technical publications in international, regional and national media
  • Knowledge in the use of quantitative methods, as well as openness to the use of mixed method approaches
  • Experience in teaching and supervising graduate students
  • Experience in providing technical assistance in Latin American and Caribbean countries
  • Ability to lead and/or participate in multidisciplinary teams
  • Skill and experience in identifying opportunities and forming alliances to develop projects and obtain financing, including consultancies and international courses
  • Maintain a network of contacts in international, governmental, non-governmental organizations and international cooperation agencies.


  • Agricultural Economist with a Doctorate (PhD)


  • Bilingual (Spanish, English)
  • Mastery of French will be considered an advantage

CATIE values diverse perspectives and is committed to supporting, promoting and continuously building an inclusive and culturally diverse campus environment. It positively values professionals who can demonstrate practical experience in the incorporation of environmental, gender and equity aspects in local economic development projects, as well as in the management of production chains, transformation processes and marketing of rural sector products and services.

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Interested persons must submit an application letter (per personal criteria), curricular summary and salary requirements to: Reference: 04econagri1118
CATIE does not discriminate on the basis of gender, ethic origin, age, religious or political creed.
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